Golden Tickets

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What Are Golden Tickets?

  • Golden tickets are pre-sales tickets for Lionel's upcoming concerts that work akin to a "reservation." These tickets are discounted from the regular tickets, and are automatically converted to regular tickets once the concert is officially booked and announced.
  • The Golden Ticket system allows us to gauge demand and pick the right venue and date for the city's concert, and avoid situations where we either book too small or too large of a venue. 
  • In return for their support, Golden Ticket buyers get priority access to seating (explained further below) and have a 100% refund policy at any time including any taxes or fees paid. There are no extra fees for the Golden tickets to be converted into Regular tickets.  

When Will The Concert Be Announced?

  • The concert will be announced at the end of the Golden Ticket sales period. There will be a 1 week priority access for Golden Ticket buyers to convert their tickets into regular tickets and pick their reserved seats.
  • If the announced concert date doesn't fit into your schedule, there is a 100% Refund policy including all taxes and fees. Simply send an email to and we will process the refund immediately. (See "Refund Policy" at the end of this page)

Priority access

  • When the concert is announced, Golden Ticket holders have 1 week exclusive access to select their seats before regular ticket sales begin.
  • After the regular sales begin, Golden Ticket holders can still book any available seat at their discretion.

Conversion process

  • Golden tickets must be converted to regular tickets. There is no fee to convert into regular tickets once the regular ticket sales begin
  • The conversion process is a seat selection process following the Announcement Date
  • Once converted (aka seat selected and officially registered), the regular tickets are NOT refundable

How Golden Ticket threshold works

  • Golden tickets are available ~6 months in advance to the earliest possible concert date. Once the ticket threshold is met, then the concert will be booked and officially announced.
  • There will be a time limit on the Golden Tickets, which will be 3 months before the last day of a given time period for the concert "Threshold Date"
  • Example: If a concert is announced for November-December of 2023 in Singapore, then the "Golden Ticket" period starts in May 1, 2023 and ends on September 30, 2023 ("Threshold Date"), which gives a 5 month availability period.
  • Example: If a concert is announced for January-March of 2024 in New York, then the "Golden Ticket" period starts in July 1, 2023 and ends in December 31, 2023 ("Threshold Date"), which gives a 6 month availability period
  • If the Golden Ticket threshold is met, the concert will 100% take place with the only variable being the exact date and venue. 
  • If the Golden Ticket threshold is not met, there is still a likelihood of the concert taking place based on the organizer's discretion.  
  • If the "Golden Ticket" threshold is not met and it is determined that the concert will not take place, then all Golden Tickets for the city will be 100% refunded (including any taxes or fees). 

Refund policy

  • Golden Tickets are fully refundable up until 2 days before the Concert. Once the Concert has passed, unused Golden Tickets will be converted into Store Credit that is available to be used for future concerts or other purchases on

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