What will I receive upon purchase?

You will receive an email with instructions on how to download the digital PDF of the sheet music.

I bought the sheet music a while ago, but my download link expired!

No problem! Just submit a form on the Contact page with your order # and we'll send you a new link to download within 48 hours.

Why is my download a zip file?

A: In some cases you will receive a .zip file which will contain multiple versions of the PDF sheet music (for example, a full-length and shortened PDF of the same piece). For consistency, we've packaged all sheet music in zip files.

I purchased this sheet (example: The Black Star) 3 years ago, but now you have a newer version. How do I get the newer version?

Sheet music purchases are good for lifetime support - you will always get the latest edition. Just submit a form on the "Contact" page and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.

What's in the sheet music packages?

The sheet music packages are a collection of multiple pieces. MusicalStories sheet music package is a collection of 12 pieces featured in Lionel Yu's first album, MusicalStories. MusicalBasics Extended Library (vol. 1) is a collection of 24 of MusicalBasics most popular original pieces.

How do you generate the visuals or LED lights on the piano?

The visuals/falling keys are generated through a combination of third-party software (they don't come with the keyboard). The lights also do not come with the keyboard and are installed manually through third-party software and hardware, which requires some programming knowledge to install. The piano has sensors which need to be installed by a qualified piano technician in order to accurately capture the MIDI data for the software to process and power the LEDs/generate the visuals.

What happened to the MusicalStories album on Spotify?

The 12 pieces under "MusicalStories" are being reuploaded to my second Spotify account, Lionel Yu. They will be uploaded within the next few weeks, so make sure to follow for updates! http://bit.ly/LYSpotify

How do I get into one of the fan-based videos?

The Two Composers videos feature a selection of community members who have previously participated in one of the "Playing my Fans' Pieces" videos. The submission process for that is centered around the MusicalBasics Discord server: https://discord.gg/musicalbasics

Submissions are collected in a designated channel (opened and closed depending on the current state of video production) and are requested to follow a specific format. Additionally, you can submit your pieces during Lionel's livestreams where he sometimes plays and sightreads fan pieces for a live audience! Ask in the Discord for more information, our community would love to help!

How do I get better at playing piano?

Playing piano requires a lot of commitment and practice. If you'd like access to my tutorials, you can check out patreon: http://bit.ly/MusicalBasicsPatreon

What software do you use to compose?

In my videos, I've been using a program called Sibelius for my compositions. However, it can be a little pricey, so people often recommend the free software called Musescore for beginners!

Can you listen to my piece/do you have any tips for my performance/composition?

I've started streaming on my Twitch Channel several times a week where I answer questions like these, review fan-submitted content, and more. Join the Discord to get access to the #ask-lionel channel (currently locked but full of previous answers), and be sure to keep an eye for whenever I go live!